About Us

Atmo’s world-class tech team brings expertise in IoT Hardware, Software Engineering, Data Science and Visualisations.

Our Story

Guy Barkley—CEO, Founder and quixotic engineer—set up multiple ventures whilst studying at the University of Bath, including a languages start-up, a food delivery business powered by electric trikes, and an electric racing car project, TBRe (which is also going from strength to strength).


Atmo spun out of the Uni in 2016, leading Guy to team up with fellow engineering scholarship recipient Patrick Thomas to help sites and fleets identify efficiencies using IoT hardware. Impressing our initial clients, this expanded into contracts to specifically track build-up of emissions that posed an exposure risk to staff.


With two fresh pairs of engineering eyes, it quickly became apparent that there was a vacuum of information with which senior stakeholders were expected to make decisions regarding staff safety on-site and environmental emissions.


We made it Atmo’s mission to illuminate and understand air quality risks on-site, so that they can be controlled and managed, rather than wished away—according to the HSE, poor air quality at work kills 12,000 people per year in the UK. We’ve since taken multiple rounds of funding, building an awesome team and creating new technologies for understanding how to control emissions and exposure on-site and manage decarbonisation.


We saw—and still see—an immense opportunity & moral obligation to increase understanding of emissions and the environments in which we send people to work every day.