IoT Site Operative

Bristol, UK

Full Time

Profile of the successful candidate

  • You build real relationships with clients - interactions with Atmo should be the highlight of their day and clients trust you to work in their interest;

  • You have are level-headed and will carry out duties on-site professionally and safely;

  • You are determined and personally care - you work to make things right and lead by example;

Skills we are looking for

As site operative, you will be primarily responsible for maintaining IoT sensor sensors on-site.

In particular:

  • Technical competence and an ability to learn quickly - we can teach you the technical skills required;

  • A safe professional and personable attitude on-site. We work in complex environments with large machinery and it is vital you behave safely. We will also provide safety training;

  • UK driver’s licence - you will need to travel to sites around the country at short notice;

  • Teamwork - you will need to have good communication skills to coordinate site maintenance with our technical team.

Key responsibilities

You will primarily be:

  • Maximising reliability of data - visiting client sites to maintain sensor networks, ensuring that clients enjoy a reliable service;

  • Building relationships and friendly rapport whilst on-site, behaving professionally, building trust and confidence with clients;

  • When not on site, supporting the team with admin and organisational tasks. As a small team, we need people to ‘muck-in’ on ad-hoc tasks, however this does not mean ‘making teas & doing filing’;

  • Bringing a safety-driven culture and mindset to site, behaving competently, carrying out works safely and taking pride in your work.

Who we are & what we do

Atmo are an environmental technology business, specialising in the gathering and analysing of real data to provide meaningful insight and fact-driven decision making.

  • Our mission is to save lives, reduce emissions and maximise efficiency in industry

  • Atmo make high quality data ubiquitous in heavy industry, in order to manage the environment and protect staff effectively;

  • We throw light on this invisible threat, and provide the tools needed to make impactful changes to the air you breathe.

We invest heavily in R&D, requiring specialised knowledge in software development and big data analysis. Atmo strive to bring together world class talent to join our growing commercial and product development teams.

Problem - Health Hazard

Industry has scant data on their working environments and is coming under increasing scrutiny given that 12,500 people die every year in the UK from poor air quality at work.

Companies are legally obliged to protect their staff by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and manage their environment (Environment Agency).

Solution – Monitor sites, solve problems

IoT particulates & noise sensors, allowing for a dense sensor mesh Portal shows site schematics, changes over time and KPIs (analytics and AI / ML elements).

Where we work

Bristol based - with clients around the UK.

We embrace flexible working, especially given the current circumstances. However, it will be required of you to occasionally join us in client site visits and team meetings (COVID restrictions permitting).

Who we work with

Atmo work with large industrial clients to understand air quality on-site and subsequently help protect staff from exposure and minimise emissions to the wider environment.

These include, for example: ports, rail & construction sites.

How to apply

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to