Project Manager

Bristol, UK

Full Time / Part Time

Profile of the successful candidate

Profile of the successful candidate

- Competent with a meticulous eye for detail. Our clients rely on our reporting with real risks to health and life, not forgetting financial and legal implications;

- Able to build rapport with our team and with our clients - their interactions with us should be a highlight of the day;

- You are passionate and trustworthy, taking pride in the work you perform - you personally care if it's right or not;

- A team player, eager to support and understand the challenges inherent with start-ups;

- Organised - your work is easy for team members to follow and is annotated and archived properly;

- Determined - when things go wrong, you work to make it right and lead by example;


As a Project Manager, you will be primarily responsible for maintaining and building upon the current client work and relationships.

As part of a tech start-up, you will need to wear multiple hats and demonstrate a strong motivation towards our mission.

In particular:

  • Experience in juggling multiple projects at the same time;

  • Having some experience in CRM software is desirable, but not required;

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.

Key responsibilities

  • Develop a deep understanding of clients’ needs;

  • Developing the product and supporting client projects;

  • Improving customer experience for all interfaces between the client Atmo.

Who we are & what we do

We are an environmental technology business, specialising in the gathering and analysing of real data to provide meaningful insight and fact-driven decision making.

Our goal is to make high quality data ubiquitous in heavy industry, in order to manage the environment and protect staff effectively. We throw light on this invisible threat, and provide the tools needed to make impactful changes to the air you breathe.