Our Mission

Atmo's mission is to help industry:

Save Lives, Minimise Emissions, and Maximise Efficiency.

Save Lives

Air pollution is a major risk to health. By understanding air quality on site, industries can mitigate and reduce illnesses caused and exacerbated by pollution—primarily respiratory and pulmonary diseases. The HSE reports that an estimated 12,000 lung disease deaths each year are linked to accumulated exposure at work. In a landmark ruling, 2020 saw the first coroner's reports citing air pollution as the leading cause of death.


Employers have a moral and legal duty to minimise exposure to employees, in line with current legislation, and Atmo can help you achieve this.

Minimise Emissions

We all have a responsibility to curtail the effects pollution and global warming have on the environment, and legislation is fast changing to reflect this—the UK government's new 2035 target to cut emissions by 78% from their 1990 levels will have a direct impact on the way many businesses operate. We're here to help these businesses reduce their emissions by providing insight into areas of their site where air quality can be improved, in a transparent, actionable manner.

Being a good neighbour is important too. Surrounding residents, businesses and wildlife have the right to safe living conditions, and we help clients minimise their impact on the local environment.

Image by Dominik Vanyi

Maximise Efficiency

By understanding the air quality at your site, Atmo can help you save money. We can identify areas of your operations in need of efficiency gains, and reduce fuel, energy and water consumption in the process.

Increased wellbeing of your employees also delivers a return on investment—safer working conditions means a more productive workforce, healthier employees, and fewer sick days, shrinking your costs in the long run.