Our Services

As well as understanding occupational and environmental emissions, and the associated exposure risks, we provide KPIs to help sites run efficiently and decarbonise cost-effectively.

Air quality, noise, vibrations and site activity — all in one place 

Atmo enable realtime notifications, alerting management to potential risks and enabling proactive—rather than reactive—risk management. The live data you see on the portal can be tailored to your exact needs, and allows for quick comparison of air quality at multiple areas across site.

IoT (Internet of Things) Expertise

We use state-of-the-art MCERTs accredited sensors to measure anything from particulate matter and volatile organic compounds, to ambient site conditions and various site activity metrics. Our sensor arrays come in 3 range-configurations with non-invasive data-upload from your site:

  • Short range: suitable for indoor applications and compact sites

  • Long range: a few kilometres, plenty even for most larger sites

  • Global: sometimes you just need it

AI — Cutting Edge Data Analysis

We deliver next-gen air quality insight; rather than presenting 100 data points over 100 pages of "copy & paste", we present datasets of millions concisely and intuitively. Atmo use a plethora of analysis techniques, from innovative data visualisations to machine learning technology, with data stored securely in the cloud.

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Sites need real-time data.
We ensure that health & safety and environmental policies are data-driven.

Whether you want to measure emissions leaving site, or you want to keep a close eye on potential exposure to staff in your workplace, Atmo can help.

Our data appreciates in value over time; a catalogue and benchmark by which to measure the real-world effects of policy changes. 

Atmo deliver environmental insight, not just numbers, and unlock data-driven continuous improvement.