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Save Lives
Reduce Emissions

Maximise Efficiency

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Atmo's purpose

Helping you understand the fundamental relationship between air quality on site and staff exposure to pollutants.

Atmo use the latest technology in air quality sensing and IoT hardware. We have extensive experience of installation in a multitude of environments.

Our air quality monitoring services can track the exposure to your workers and the emissions off-site, monitoring a variety of different gases. We can also provide asset tracking, noise and vibration sensors, and advice to help you run your sites more efficiently.

Atmo's core expertise includes data visualisation, delivering insight intuitively, algorithm design, and processing data.


We can monitor both indoors and outdoors, encompassing sectors as varied as construction, ports, highways, waste management, and rail. Our current projects are based on some of the largest sites in the world.

Save Lives

By understanding the air quality and staff exposure to pollutants on your site, we can help save lives and improve the health of your workers in the long run.

Minimise Emissions

UK legislation is quickly adapting to combat pollution and global warming—we're here to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint through data-driven strategies.

Maximise Efficiency

Using air quality data, Atmo Technology can analyse and optimise your operations, reducing your waste output and your costs in the process.

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We deliver data-driven insights

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Real-Time Site Activity

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