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Made in Bristol.

We are a software & data company based in Bristol. Our work focuses on maximising value from site and environmental data. We use the latest software, IoT and data analysis to optimise asset usage, reduce environmental emissions and minimise exposure to personnel.

Our Story

Team Bath Racing Electric Car


Atmo spun out of the Uni in 2016, leading Guy to team up with fellow engineering scholarship recipient Patrick Thomas to help sites and fleets identify efficiencies using IoT hardware. Impressing our initial clients, this expanded into contracts to specifically track build-up of emissions that posed an exposure risk to staff. 

Team photo of Atmo data scientists

2013 - 2015

Guy Barkley—CEO, Founder and engineer—set up multiple ventures whilst studying at the University of Bath, including a languages start-up, a food delivery business powered by electric trikes, and an electric racing car project, Team Bath Racing Electric (which is still going from strength to strength).

Headshot of Guy Barkley


We made it Atmo’s mission to illuminate and understand environmental risks on-site, so that they can be controlled and managed, using software & data. We’ve since built an awesome team and are creating new technologies for understanding how to control emissions and exposure on-site.

Our Mission

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Reduce emissions

As UK legislation is adapting we are here to help businesses reduce their site emissions & carbon footprint through data-driven strategies towards net-zero.

Maximise efficiency

Atmo analyse and optimise your operations, reducing wastage, maximising the utilisation of assets and minimising your costs in the process.

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Save lives

Atmo build a deep understanding of human exposure to pollutants on your site, helping to save lives and improve the health of your workers in the long run.

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Data tendrils
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Our vision

Atmo are committed to creating innovative solutions that help companies meet their sustainability goals.

Our Team

Interested in joining our team?
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