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Smart Depot


With a focus on streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency, our Smart Depot solution offers a range of benefits that save its users both time and money.

time & money

Easily identify wastage and capitalise on redundant assets.

Increase efficiency

Increase your depots capacity and throughput of vehicles.

Improve your environment

Monitor air quality and noise pollution and protect your staff.

The Benefits

The Outcome

Optimise your depot's capacity planning and streamline communication between teams - with one source of truth in one place.

Drive continuous improvement in your depot's asset efficiency by linking assets to individual maintenance activities, generating valuable KPIs to ensure maximum depot throughput. Free up capacity to generate new fleet availability and revenue from third parties.

Minimise emissions, ensure staff safety, and enhance compliance with environmental regulations, and achieve operational excellence while prioritising safety and sustainability.

Explore the capabilities of Smart Depot by Atmo, offering efficient, data-driven depot management solutions.

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