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Access all your site data in real time with

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Highly configurable dashboards

Our team of expert data scientists curate and develop bespoke dashboards tailored to your site's needs.

GIF of changing dashboards, showing the veristility of Atmo Core
Example of AtmoCore dashboard visualising a KPI

Calculate and visualise KPIs

Choose to visualise KPIs from a growing and specially curated list, designed to help decision makers optimise sites and automatically calculate key metrics to keep on top of HSE regulations such as 8hr time weighted average exposures.

Data from multiple sources

Stream in data in real time through sensors to see what your assets are doing not just historically but as the data comes in from your vehicles, factory floor or upload datasets manually.

Upload your data from multiple sources

Ensure safe working conditions

Increased visibility into sources of emissions on site from our range of dashboards allow you to monitor emission levels across your site with reference to government guidelines for safe emissions, to ensure a safe working environment.

Example of AtmoCore dashboard visualising the particulate matter exceedences across a site
Data Tendrils

Our Process

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