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Revolutionise Rail Operations with Atmo’s Smart Depot Solution

In the fast-paced rail industry, efficiency and sustainability are paramount.

Atmo Technology's Smart Depot solution is designed to address these needs, offering innovative tools to streamline operations, enhance safety, and ensure environmental compliance.

In this blog post, we delve into the features and benefits of Smart Depot, showcasing how it can transform depot management for the better.

A South Western Railway train coming into their Salisbury depot
A South Western Railway train coming into their Salisbury depot

Save Time & Money

Smart Depot helps rail companies easily identify wastage and capitalise on redundant assets, significantly saving time and money. By integrating networks of IoT sensors with advanced AI algorithms, Smart Depot can analyse data to pinpoint inefficiencies, allowing companies to optimise resource allocation and reduce unnecessary expenditures. This approach helps streamline communication and automate processes, which in turn reduces operational costs and improves overall efficiency. 

Potential savings have already been identified at South Western Railway's Salisbury depot, from individual locos exhibiting signs of excessive fuel use, to locos having to re-fuel more frequently with high associated costs. Read on to find out more about our partnership with SWR and Network Rail.

Increase Efficiency

One of the key advantages of Smart Depot is its ability to increase depot capacity and throughput of vehicles. The solution facilitates real-time communication and long-term planning, ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently. Automated processes driven by sophisticated algorithms further streamline workflows, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency. This ensures continuous improvement in asset efficiency by linking assets to maintenance activities, generating valuable KPIs to maximise depot throughput.

Solar panels on the roof of Network Rail's Holgate depot in York
Solar panels on the roof of Network Rail's Holgate depot in York

Improve Your Environment

Environmental sustainability is a crucial aspect of modern rail operations. Smart Depot includes features for monitoring air quality and noise pollution, helping companies protect their staff and comply with environmental regulations. By minimising emissions and enhancing safety standards, Smart Depot ensures that rail operations contribute to a healthier and safer environment. This commitment to safety and environmental performance sets new standards in the industry.

At Network Rail’s Holgate depot, Atmo assessed the business case for integrating solar power and battery storage. Atmo’s analysis shows that adding battery capacity could yield substantial electricity savings and an annual CO2 reduction of around 16 tonnes. 

Finalists for the Data Data Data award by The SPARKies

Innovation Recognition

The Smart Depot concept was born from Atmo's entry in the 2023 SBRI First of a Kind (FOAK) competition, where it won recognition for its innovative approach to depot management. This accolade underscores the cutting-edge nature and industry relevance of Atmo's solutions.

Atmo’s has also been shortlisted for the SPARKies ‘Data Data Data’ award for Smart Depot and the approach to pushing the limits of what data can do for innovation. The awards ceremony takes place in July 2024.

Event attendees in orange hi vis PPE at a rail depot
Attendees at Atmo's recent event at Holgate depot with Network Rail

Proven Success

Since the FOAK competition win, Atmo has been collaborating with Network Rail and South Western Railway to develop the product at their depots, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability in real-world applications. This successful deployment showcases Smart Depot's capability to transform depot management and optimise rail operations. 

In May and June 2024, Atmo hosted two ‘Smart Depot Showcase’ events at Network Rail’s Holgate Depot and South Western Railway’s Salisbury Depot, inviting senior TOC professionals to come together for a preview of the first Smart Depot reports, and the positive impact the tool is having on depot operations. Atmo CEO, Guy Barkley, reflected on the success of the work so far in this blog post published on LinkedIn. 

Atmo Technology's Smart Depot offers a comprehensive, data-driven solution for modern depot management. By adopting Smart Depot, rail companies can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure environmental compliance, all while maintaining the highest safety standards.


To learn more about how Smart Depot can revolutionise your rail operations, visit and book a demo today. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs and discover how our cutting-edge solutions can help you achieve your operational goals.


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